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Common Mistakes Made by Realtors and How to Avoid Them

  Many real estate agents are committed to helping people navigate property transactions as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, however, there are a number of mistakes commonly made by real estate agents.  This article reviews some of the pitfalls that real estate agents should be mindful to avoid in order to provide their clients with the best possible service in their real estate transactions. Practice Strong Lead Follow Through To land clients, you need strong leads, which with the rig[...]

Approaching (and Solving) Common Realtor Fears

  Many people are afraid of failure, but there are also many people who are uncomfortable with too much success. For realtors, there are a number of common fears and uncertainties that can arise during the sale of a property.  This article examines some of the most common fears faced by realtors as well as ways to avoid having these fears negatively impact the real estate sale process. Fear of Failure Everyone is afraid of failing. Many times, this is the reason why realtors feel hampe[...]

Things Real Estate Agents Should Make Sure to do for Home Sellers

The focus of a good real estate agent should be making real estate transactions proceed as smoothly as possible. When it comes to real estate sellers, a real estate agent is an advocate and should focus on providing reliable and skilled assistance. To make sure that a client picks you from among the other available real estate agents, it is helpful to do some of the critical things for home sellers. The following will review some of the important things that realtors should make sure to do when [...]

Common Myths About Selling Real Estate

  Becoming involved with real estate is one of the most life-changing decisions that a person can make, but it is important to debunk some of the common myths if you are seeking to be successful in this profession. There are some secrets and overlooked aspects of the real estate industry that those interested in investing in property should know. The following will review some of the prevalent myths that new and experienced real estate agents alike should avoid believing. You Should Not U[...]

A Quick Guide to Florida Agency Law

  In the world of real estate, “agency” refers to when a salesperson enters into a relationship with a client. The salesperson in these relationships owes a fiduciary duty of loyalty and confidentiality to the client. This type of relationship in Florida is referred to as a single agency. While this concept might be easy to understand, this article examines some commonly encountered nuances in agency law. What Florida Agency Law Encompasses Law in Florida clarifies how a real estate li[...]

Common Florida Real Estate Myths

  The real estate industry is full of high stakes. It is important to be knowledgeable and sensible in order to be successful when making such large investments. Real estate investors and professionals must avoid common pitfalls in order to stand above the crowd. The following are some of the common myths about Florida real estate. Do not fall into the trap of believing or perpetuating the following misconceptions: Myth: It is Easy to Predict the Real Estate Market While some investors mak[...]

Essential Strategies for New Real Estate Investors

  For a first time investor, navigating the real estate market can seem like one of the most difficult challenges possible. With the numerous risks that are involved in the process, deciding how to begin can be confusing. If successfully navigated, however, the real estate business can present a person with unrivaled rewards. The following will review some important pieces of advice that those who are interested in investing in real estate should consider. Properly Educate Yourself It is i[...]

Understanding Florida Quiet Title Actions

For many people who are involved in the purchase and sale of Florida property, title issues are common. It is critical that Florida property owners exercise the highest degree of caution when navigating quiet title actions. The following will review some of the most important things that all property owners should understand about Florida quiet title actions. What Constitutes Title? Owing title in a piece of Florida property means that a person has a legal interest in the land. In the state of F[...]

Lawsuits Involving Quitclaim Deeds

In the state of Florida, quitclaim deeds are one of the most popular ways to transfer interest in a piece of property. An individual who signs a quitclaim deed transfers whatever interest that person has in the property to another individual. Unfortunately, given their expansive nature, quitclaim deeds frequently lead to lawsuits. Florida Law and Quitclaim Deeds In accordance with Florida law, a person who grants a quitclaim deed does not claim that the ownership being transferred is valid or fr[...]

Things to Leave Unfixed When Selling a Property

  As most people with real estate experience can tell you, it is common to discover that repairs need to be performed before a piece of a property can be sold. This might include leaks, improperly working appliances, and insect infestations. While any defect or condition that impairs the function or operation of a property should certainly be fixed, when it comes to additional details, it is often best to think twice about whether these repairs are truly necessary. This article reviews a nu[...]