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Our Real Estate Services

FOR SALE BY OWNER: More and more private individuals are buying and selling their homes without the help of a licensed real estate broker. Just because you chose not to use a broker does not mean you have to handle the transaction alone. We offer quality legal guidance to ensure that the transaction is closed with smoothly, timely, and in a cost efficient manner.

RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS: Many homesellers do not realize that the cost of hiring a Jacksonville Real Estate Lawyer is usually the same, or sometime less than as closing with a non-attorney title company. When closing with a Jacksonville Real Estate Law Firm, you will have an experienced legal team of professionals on your side.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS: The organizational structure of a commercial real estate transaction is very different from a highly standardized and regulated residential transaction and can dramatically affect taxation and liability. Our experienced Jacksonville Real Estate Lawyers will help you choose the best form of organization for your particular project and skillfully navigate you through the process.

REAL ESTATE LITIGATION: Our lawyers represent clients in lawsuits involving every type of real property; from small single-family residential properties to large office buildings and mixed-use projects. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and seasoned litigators of actions, in law and equity, arising from real estate transactions gone awry; and, are equally proficient at representing the rights and interests of developers, buyers and sellers.

Benefits of Hiring a Law Firm over a Title Company

Title Agents Cannot Provide Legal Guidance

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most exciting experiences in life. It can also be one of the largest purchases an individual will ever make. The closing is the most important part of the transaction because that is when the legal title to the home is actually transferred from seller to buyer. Hiring a Jacksonville Real Estate Closing Lawyer can ensure all of the required documents are prepared and executed.

Title Agents Cannot Correct Legal Title Defects

After the purchase and sale agreement is executed, Our Jacksonville real estate attorneys will order a title search of the property and can detect any potential issues or problems with the legal description of the property, chain of title or ownership, adjoining owners or prior owners, and explain any encumberances and other items that need to be cleared before closing

Title Agents Did Not Go To Law School or Have Law Degrees

Florida Attorneys go through a rigorous process of education, licensure, and training. Our Law Firm represents our client and looks out for our clients’ best interest and advocate for our client. A title company’s role is to simply prepare the closing documents to complete the transaction and issue a title insurance policy.

The Cost Of Hiring a Title Company or Closing Attorney Are Similar

The State of Florida sets many closing costs such as title insurance premiums, documentary stamps, and recording costs. These closing costs are are the same whether an real estate closing attorney or a title agent is closing the transaction. In many cases, the parties can actually save money by using a real estate attorney, who can also perform the tasks of a title agent.

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