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5on Google,May 31, 2024


Everything was handled quickly and everyone was very nice.

5on Google,May 31, 2024


I am so happy to be getting this done and I’m happy that I chose Adam Law Group! Everyone has been so supportive and helpful in the process and I’m so grateful for the assistance and late evening responses to my email questions for my own personal reassurance. If you’re looking for help with filling bankruptcy then reach out to them they will give you the best advice and assistance they have!

5on Google,Feb 23, 2024


Nice people to work with. Friendly , kind and supportive. We give them ten out of ten stars

5on Google,Feb 15, 2024


Haven’t had the smoothest time with them in filing my bankruptcy. I ask for updates and information and I feel like my questions go unanswered. I paid my filing fee and was not really told a timeframe. I emailed and then called and the person I spoke to made it seem like I was bothering them. She then said that the lawyer had multiple cases and filed when they got to them. I understand that, I’m not asking for a play by play, but some information about my case would be nice. I was told last week that I needed to look over my documents and I did that, sent in several updates and no follow through on review my updates on when my stuff would be filed. Just radio silence. Feels like I’m flying blind and I’m so anxious about this process as it is. Updated **** I was reached out to by Whitney who has been one of my main point of contacts and she has apologized and understood my above frustration! Thank you so much for reaching out Whitney and being so personable! I feel much more at ease and confident about giving my business to Adam Law. I appreciate so much that my feedback was heard and addressed, I believe it takes a great company to know when something needs to be made right! Again thank y’all for reaching out and addressing my problems.

5on BirdEye,Feb 07, 2024


Real good help No stress

5on Google,Feb 07, 2024


Such an awesome law, firm. very attentive, willing to answer questions, Responses quickly to emails and phone calls. Thank you, Bankruptcy Team

5on Google,Feb 02, 2024


Very helpful , kind answer any questions you may have

5on Google,Jan 26, 2024


Phenomenal Experience!!!

5on Google,Jan 26, 2024

Richard Yannacone (Siggy

Extremely helpful! Guided me through a difficult time. Highly recommended

5on Google,Jan 26, 2024


Best experience l, very fast and professional all staff.

5on Google,Jan 06, 2024


Truly helped me through a rough time in my life.

5on BirdEye,Jan 05, 2024


Very professional service.

5on Google,Jan 05, 2024


I had an exceptional experience with Adam’s Law Group for my bankruptcy filing. Their efficiency, kindness, and quick responses to all my queries made the process smooth. I highly recommend them tenfold for their excellent service!

5on Google,Oct 13, 2023


Great Firm and has been there when I needed them with compassion, integrity and rapid response

5on Google,Oct 06, 2023


I highly recommend this law group for any real estate or bankruptcy needs. They have been courteous and professional and very prompt with filings and returned calls. Very helpful in every step along the way. And kept me in the know as well. I'm so happy I chose them for my Attorneys.

5on Google,Sep 22, 2023


I highly recommend this law group for efficiency and professionalism. I had a very short timeline and they completed all requirements. I will be the first to admit I was skeptical because everything was done online and through emails. The method was seamless and very straightforward. As long as you provide all the required information then be assured they will get the job done. I pray I never need them again however if the need arose I would not hesitate to call for their help. Thank you Adam Law Group

5on Google,Sep 22, 2023


Great team staying consistent with providing details on what’s needed to complete process.

5on Google,Sep 01, 2023


The Adam's law group has helped me tremendously during a very uncomfortable financial situation. They are unbelievably quick to respond and deliver excellent customer care under the circumstances. I have recently relocated from another state and they have been so amazing in helping with this transition. The staff is superb. Heidi the paralegal is wonderful. Highly recommended.

5on Google,Sep 01, 2023


Admittedly, I was so embarrassed to take the 1st call for my initial conversation about my Financial situation. Thankfully, with kindness and professionalism the attorney Thomas educated me about my process and his independent counsel on my possible case. The process was easy to understand and follow and became less about my emotions and embarrassment. I felt for the 1st time in my situation to see my power of control take shape and a light at the end of a long descent through debt chaos and despair. My decision was my own to sign up and well worth my time and money. I read all the reviews and I can officially say I agree they were right. Thank you Heidi for your service to follow up and confirming what else I needed to ensure the process went smoothly. I fully recommend the Adam Law Group for anyone in need of services they provide. The education and consultation help you to make an informed decision about your personal situation. Best luck 🍀 and thanks for reading.

5on Google,Sep 01, 2023


Made the whole process really easy and so much less stressful than I anticipated. Payment plan is also great for if you’re on a budget! Really happy I choose this firm!

5on Google,Aug 25, 2023


The best law group in Jacksonville everyone works so hard here. Thank you

4on BirdEye,Aug 13, 2023


It was a quick process and they helped me along the process in order to get it done.