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5on Google,Mar 17, 2023


Great experience, Mr. Adam and his team are attentive to detail, they started working immediately after consultation. I would definitely recommend there service

5on Google,Mar 17, 2023


I would recommend them to anyone they did in amazing job helping me

5on Google,Feb 24, 2023


True partners. They answer the phones promptly and are pleasant and professional despite probably getting the same questions every time. Pretty smooth operation, wish other businesses ran this well.

5on Google,Feb 03, 2023


Thomas Adam handled my initial inquiry and dilemma with thorough professionalism and kindness. He and his team were ready to answer any questions with patient understanding one step at a time. The trauma and stress of having to endure bankruptcy was alleviated through the assurance they were handling the details which I was incapable of doing myself. His payment plan made it possible to proceed with this process that I needed- but could not afford. I am finally able to see light at the end of a “ dark tunnel” of despair from my distressful financial situation- including an end to painful harassment from creditors and their lawyers. Thomas Adam and his team offer a much needed service -and I am relieved and thankful to have found them

5on Google,Jan 19, 2023


Very knowledgeable and helpful through the process of bankruptcy. I'm glad I chose this law firm. Great customer service

5on Google,Dec 24, 2022


During a difficult time in my Life, they were amazing and saved my life literally. Thank you for all you did and continue to do for me. God Bless Attorneys like you

5on BirdEye,Dec 02, 2022


Everyone I've talked to have been friendly and very knowledgeable on how to fix my situation

5on Google,Nov 16, 2022


Adam Law Group was a phenomenal support for me during a difficult family matter. The team was friendly, professional and attentive to my personal business needs. Hollis, Whitney, Heidi and Thomas Adam each delivered superb service and provided the blueprint for a rewarding experience in yet a challenging time. It remains comforting knowing there is a team of professionals who are smart, sensibly sharp and able to ease your mind with their level of expertise in getting legal matters handled decently and quickly. I'd certainly recommend this team to my family and friends.

5on Google,Aug 01, 2022


So far they have literally saved my life.

5on BirdEye,Aug 01, 2022


They have made this difficult time extremely easy and have helped me out with every step

5on Google,Jul 20, 2022


I was scared to death about needing a lawyer; but Adam Law group was amazing. Everything was handled professionally and quickly. They were patient with me and helped me around every curve. They are very much appreciated for the work they have done.

5on BirdEye,May 27, 2022


Everything was done quickly correctly and with few unexpected curves, excellent attorney!

5on BirdEye,May 27, 2022


I have never been in contact with lawyers before and I feel you went out of your way to be patient with me and guide me with the things I didn’t know how or what to do. I thank you so much for that. I will highly recommend you to any family or friends that might find themselves in my predicament because I know they will be taken care of completely. Once again thank you. Please let me know when it is time to complete the second course.

5on Google,May 14, 2022


Overall excellent experience. The Adam Law Group team provided much needed professional guidance and were patient with my questions through a difficult time.

5on BirdEye,May 04, 2022


They are very helpful & knowledgeable through the entire process from starting until you finish

5on BirdEye,Apr 20, 2022


Very courteous and knowledgeable. Made it any easy transaction

5on Google,Mar 16, 2022


Excellent service the staff are very professional and nice Waiting on my documents and explained my process too me through the beginning to the end looking forward to working with you all .

5on BirdEye,Dec 01, 2021


And timely manner and I'm ready for everything to be done and just all takes time but I would recommend you at all firm to anyone to ask me about it thank you and have a wonderful day You made mine in fact you made my whole year

5on BirdEye,Oct 19, 2021


All staff have been pleasant and so helpful getting started so far. We look forward to continuing working with them through this process.

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


Very responsive and professional never had to guess what’s going on or wait for assistance

5on BirdEye,Sep 01, 2021


Excellent law group. I am appreciative for their timely response and professionalism. I highly recommend Tom Adam and his team.