Reasons Realtors Should Attend a Home Inspection

The home inspection process plays a vital role in the house closing process. While a positive inspection can help put your mind at ease, an inspection that reveals unanticipated defects can make you think twice about purchasing a property. 
Despite the importance of the inspection process, many realtors believe that they do not need to be present for this event. In reality, however, there are a number of reasons why a realtor should attend a home inspection. 
This article reviews some of the reasons why realtors should make sure to attend a home inspection regardless of whether they represent the buyer or seller.
It is Your Duty as a Realtor
A realtor is retained to represent a client, which means that the realtor should be present at important moments of a property purchase. The home inspection process is vital to any property acquisition. Experts consider the inspection process a major hurdle in a property transaction. 
By failing to attend the inspection, there is a risk that you communicate to the party you are representing that you do not really care about the transaction and are not willing to go the extra distance, if necessary, to help.
Not All Home Inspectors are the Same
The quality of home inspectors varies substantially. While some home inspectors go above and beyond, others fall far below. The services that the inspector provides, however, can influence the outcome of a home sale. It is the realtor’s responsibility to provide the buyer with a detailed understanding of the inspection and how it might end up affecting a sale. 
It is More Difficult for Realtors to Effectively Negotiate
One of the best reasons to retain the assistance of a realtor is so you have professional representation while negotiating the sale of a home. 
The home inspection report will provide a list of issues that the buyer and seller will negotiate to determine the terms of the transaction. The best realtors review inspection reports and determine how to best negotiate with the opposing party. 
Liability Does Not Give You a Reason Not to Attend
Realtors who do not attend home inspections frequently cite liability as a reason to be absent from a home inspection. Liability is only an issue, however, if the realtor behaves recklessly at the inspection and provides commentary that is beyond the realtor’s expertise. Realtors who remain quiet and observant at inspections need not worry about liability-related issues. 
Whatever decisions the inspector makes, a realtor need not become involved in the matter until the inspection has ended. Once the inspection has concluded, a realtor can speak with the client and address uncertainties that might have arisen. 
A realtor can only really end up in trouble if he or she tries to speak with the knowledge and skill of an inspector.
Speak with an Experienced Property Lawyer
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