Questions Every Realtor Should be Able to Answer

When it comes to real estate investing, the quality of services provided by realtors can vary greatly. There are also conflicting opinions about a realtor’s impact on a person’s real estate investing activities. While some people find a realtor to be an invaluable part of the real estate process, other people view realtors as nothing more than middlemen. 
In reality, there are situations in which a good realtor can be invaluable. There are also some situations in which a realtor’s skills can be much less valuable. To avoid any upfront uncertainties about the real estate process, the following will review a few questions that all realtors should be able to answer.
Why Are You a Good Choice to be My Realtor?
In response to this question, some realtors select unhelpful and non-specific answers. While the exact content of the answer can change based on the skill set of a specific realtor, it is important to understand that many prospective clients will be able to gauge your sincerity. Many clients rely on this question to determine whether a realtor is likely to be honest with them. 
How Many Properties did You Sell Last Year?
When seeking to sell a property, a client likely wants to know how many listings you have sold within the last year. It is easy for a person to place a listing online and wait for another agent to bring in a buyer, but this is a much less effective method of selling a property. If you have been able to both place a listing and find suitable buyers, this is likely a good indication that you will be able to do a good job in helping a prospective client. 
What Percentage of Your Clients are Investors?
Realtors should be prepared to inform someone how many of their clients are investors as opposed to owner-occupants. Many investors have vastly different reasons for acquiring real estate than individuals who plan to live on the property. No matter which category a client falls into, it is important for a realtor to understand that both positions result in unique questions as well as uncertainties about the property acquisition process.
What can You do That No One Else can?
It has become increasingly difficult for potential clients to determine the difference in quality between realtors. While all realtors might be engaged in the same business, it can help to describe what unique values make you stand out from the crowd. Try to answer this question creatively, and with honesty. Consider the challenges that potential property purchasers faces, and try to alleviate their concerns with authenticity. 
Speak with an Experienced Property Lawyer
There are a number of complex issues that can suddenly arise while navigating a property purchase. If you need assistance navigating a property issue, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced attorney. 
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