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What Should Realtors do After Closing?

There are all sorts of stories about realtors who have gone above and beyond the basic duties of their positions. Some realtors even help to line up contractors and facilitate necessary repairs. While this might seem like a lot of additional work, treating clients well after closing can result in increased business as well as create lasting relationships. Approximately 64% of sellers who used realtors found the agent through a family member or friend. The following will review some of the additi[...]

Everything You Need to Know About ‘For Sale’ Signs

  The digital age has increased our ease of access various types of data including whether a house is for sale. Despite this, ‘for sale’ signs are still common and many realtors swear by them.  For one reason, placing a for sale sign outside the property can immediately inform passers-by that it is for sale. The question is not whether you should place a ‘for sale’ sign at a property, a better question is whether the sign will result in questions by prospective buyers about the pro[...]

What Realtors Should Tell Clients Early in the Process

It is sad, but true: Every day, real estate transactions fall apart for a number of preventable reasons. By notifying clients of potential risks early on in the buying or selling process, however, it is possible for realtors to greatly decrease the risk of issues arising that can block a real estate transaction from proceeding. The best realtors inform their clients early on in the process about potential problems as well as how they might best be resolved. The following will review some of the [...]

Advice for Realtors When Communicating With Appraisers

  There is a long-standing myth about the real estate industry that realtors should remain silent when appraisers become involved in the process. In reality, there is a risk that an appraiser might say something inappropriate and end up facing undesirable consequence, but realtors should often become involved anyway. This is because appraisers plays a vital role in property transactions.   It is particularly important for both a buyer and seller of property that an appraiser provides a[...]

Reasons Realtors Should Attend a Home Inspection

  The home inspection process plays a vital role in the house closing process. While a positive inspection can help put your mind at ease, an inspection that reveals unanticipated defects can make you think twice about purchasing a property.    Despite the importance of the inspection process, many realtors believe that they do not need to be present for this event. In reality, however, there are a number of reasons why a realtor should attend a home inspection.    This article [...]

Questions Every Realtor Should be Able to Answer

When it comes to real estate investing, the quality of services provided by realtors can vary greatly. There are also conflicting opinions about a realtor’s impact on a person’s real estate investing activities. While some people find a realtor to be an invaluable part of the real estate process, other people view realtors as nothing more than middlemen.  In reality, there are situations in which a good realtor can be invaluable. There are also some situations in which a realtor’s skills [...]

How to Get Your Listings Noticed

  As the real estate market continues to thrive, and as the number of realtors grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to make certain that a property listing sticks out. Without taking the proper steps to make your listing is highly visible, there is a risk that it will quickly be buried by its competitors. The following will review some simple tips that realtors can follow to make sure that properties are noticed and sell as fast as possible. Take Great Photos If you want to make certa[...]

Questions Realtors Should Ask Clients

Realtors face a number of challenges in helping both buyers and sellers navigate property sales. One of these obstacles is making sure that the realtor helps a client find the home that most matches what the client has in mind. The following will review some of the questions that real estate agents should be prepared to ask clients to make sure that they help clients find the property they desire. What is Your Motivation for Purchasing the Property? By asking this question of clients, realtors a[...]

The Truth Behind Common Real Estate Myths

One of the many challenges that realtors face is separating widely spread myths about property transactions from the truth. By buying into myths about property transactions, realtors risk losing money or even not making a sale at all. Below are some of the most common myths about property transactions in Florida.  Myth 1: A Home Seller Sets the Price It is true that home sellers make the final decision concerning the amount that a home will sell for, but there are ultimately a number of factors[...]

Common Mistakes Made by Realtors and How to Avoid Them

  Many real estate agents are committed to helping people navigate property transactions as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, however, there are a number of mistakes commonly made by real estate agents.  This article reviews some of the pitfalls that real estate agents should be mindful to avoid in order to provide their clients with the best possible service in their real estate transactions. Practice Strong Lead Follow Through To land clients, you need strong leads, which with the rig[...]