Commonly Asked Questions About Selling Property During the Pandemic

Commonly Asked Questions About Selling Property During the Pandemic

One of the biggest challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic is that it feels like we are constantly being presented with new information about how the illness is spreading and how it is best controlled. As Florida continues to see an increase in the number of confirmed cases, there are countless questions that people interested in selling a property during this process have. The following reviews the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by sellers during the coronavirus pand[...]

Five Pieces of Advice for Selling Property During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  The coronavirus pandemic led to quick and substantial changes for many industries, including real estate. While some sellers decided it was best to pull their property from the market, other people are still trying to sell their property. If you are trying to sell your home in this market, there are some helpful things that you can do to make sure the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible. Provide Video Tours Instead of Open Houses Before the pandemic, open houses were an excellent[...]

Four Common Questions All Realtors Should Know How to Answer

Realtors do not have it easy. Among other challenges, realtors must deal with many people’s less-than-stellar opinions about them. Of course, in reality, the value of realtors might change between agents, but realtors are far from worthless. Realtors not only know how to sell properties, but they also understand how to seek out prospective buyers and sellers that someone might never find on their own.  To determine your worth as a realtor, sellers and buyers rely on many tactics including fir[...]

Avoiding Six Small Issues That can Ruin Property Sales

Selling a property can be a stressful and time-consuming process. While the issues that disrupt property sales are sometimes big ones, other times the issue that interferes with a property sale is quite small on its face. Realtors should understand some of the smallest issues that can ultimately end up disrupting a property sale. Missing Cover Plates Most people never have their property in perfect condition. Instead, it is common for small things to never get repaired or go missing and never ge[...]