Avoiding Six Small Issues That can Ruin Property Sales

Selling a property can be a stressful and time-consuming process. While the issues that disrupt property sales are sometimes big ones, other times the issue that interferes with a property sale is quite small on its face. Realtors should understand some of the smallest issues that can ultimately end up disrupting a property sale.
Missing Cover Plates
Most people never have their property in perfect condition. Instead, it is common for small things to never get repaired or go missing and never get replaced. While you might be used to these small imperfections in the property, other people who are seeing your property for the first time might be much more critical of these details. Some buyers might even decide to abandon a property transaction because cover plates for light switches are missing. What costs a few dollars to purchase at any Lowes or Home Depot can end up interfering with your entire property sale. 
Missing or Broken Blinds
Sometimes, people view a property once, fall in love, but then fall out of love during the property transaction when the seller moves various pieces of furniture, blinds, and other things from the house. This is why sellers should understand that buyers often incorporate every aspect of a property into their decision to make a purchase. If items are not clearly excluded in a contract, the items belong to the home.
Dead Batteries and Lightbulbs
During a property transaction, the seller’s party should also be prepared to repair light bulbs and replace batteries. While this might seem like a small detail, they help create the impression that you are selling a home to a person in the best condition possible. By refusing to fix these small details, you are creating a risk of never reaching closing day.
Strange Smells
In the same way that it is easy to overlook small missing pieces, sometimes there are bad, unusual, or faint odors in houses that can easily be remedied. Realtors should be sure to notify a seller if they discover any of these smells. Remember, property purchasers want to feel that a house has been well maintained. 
Creaking Floors
If you are selling an older property, it is critical to exercise a fair amount of caution. One common area in older properties that can interrupt a sale is creaky floors. In some cases, a seller might even be okay with the condition of the floors until they are commented on by the home inspector.
Free Accompanying Items
Wardrobes. Patio tables. Pool tables. Sometimes, a seller thinks certain items will be included with a home. Discovering that these items are not can end up ruining a sale. These arguments are often not really about the object, but instead are the result of the psychological tension between seller and buyer. 
Speak with an Experienced Property Attorney
Various issues can disrupt a sale of property, which is why it can be helpful to retain the assistance of an experienced property law attorney. Contact the Adam Law Group today to schedule a free case evaluation.