Five Pieces of Advice for Selling Property During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic led to quick and substantial changes for many industries, including real estate. While some sellers decided it was best to pull their property from the market, other people are still trying to sell their property. If you are trying to sell your home in this market, there are some helpful things that you can do to make sure the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible.
Provide Video Tours Instead of Open Houses
Before the pandemic, open houses were an excellent tool for showing a property to many people at once. Due to the risks involved in large group gatherings, however, it is not advisable to hold open houses. Instead, it is a better idea to pursue safer options like conducting video tours of a property
Many property listing sites allow realtors to upload video files to listing as well as photos. While it might not be exactly as good as the real thing, watching a video tour allows buyers to gain a better understanding of the layout of a property before they physically tour the location.
Clean Properties Often
If someone does schedule a one-on-one tour to view a property, you should make sure to clean the property before and after the showing. While it was always a good idea to clean property so that it looks its best before a showing, this activity is now critical because it helps to maintain the safest environment possible. Because a person can be asymptomatic for the coronavirus for days, it is also a good idea to clean a property after a showing. Many sellers are taking an additional step and making hygiene products like hand sanitizer available to potential buyers who are interested in touring a property.
Pursue Digital Measures to Negotiate Contracts
If a seller does receive an offer to buy a property, nearly everything can, fortunately, be handled digitally due to technology. There are various e-signing programs that the seller can utilize to sign contracts without having to physically meet. If you are uncertain about the legality of digital signing or need assistance with this process, a property lawyer can help you figure out the best ways to minimize in-person interactions. 
Suggest Sellers Take a Break
Given the current unpredictability created by the pandemic, it might be a good idea to suggest that a person take a momentary break from attempting to sell a property. If a seller does not feel comfortable or is considered high-risk, you can spend this time helping them do everything possible to make the property an attractive purchase so that when things become more comfortable, the property will be an easy sale. 
Contact a Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorney
Many complications can arise during the sale of a property, even if you are a highly experienced realtor. If you need the assistance of a knowledgeable property lawyer, do not hesitate to contact the Adam Law Group.