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Preparing Your Buyer for Closing

Closing day is an important milestone in the life of a homebuyer. Regardless of whether a buyer is purchasing his or her first home or fourth, finalizing the transaction is an exciting day. While the homebuyer is eagerly anticipating becoming the owner of his or her dream property, the real estate agent is working hard to ensure that the process goes smoothly. As a realtor, one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your client is make sure that he or she is adequately prepared for [...]

Closing Day Surprises

One of the most exciting days in any real estate transaction is closing day. The day the sale is finalized is one of triumph for the buyer, seller, and their real estate agent. Unfortunately, even the most organized and thorough realtor can find themselves dealing with less than pleasant closing day surprises. No matter how hard you work to prepare yourself and your clients for the big day, it is not unusual to be blindsided by something out of your control at the last minute.  Being aware of a[...]

Ways to Minimize Pre-Closing Buyer’s Remorse

In spite of all the hard work and stress involved, being a realtor is a highly rewarding career. Helping people find and purchase their dream homes is a good feeling, especially if you are new to the real estate industry. However, there are ups and downs to the real estate industry, with buyer’s remorse being one of the most difficult problems that a real estate agent can encounter. With over half of the home buyers in the United States admitting to having feelings of regret over the house the[...]

Jacksonville Real Estate Attorney

Do you know what can really ruin the ecstatic feeling of closing a deal? Getting sued. You may know a realtor who has been down that road before. You may have even been threatened by a lawsuit yourself. The most common reason that realtors get sued is “misrepresentation.” Just ask this broker who was sued for it in Minnesota last year. The courts ruled in the broker’s favor in this case because he relied on the county government’s description of the property in his listing. This blog wil[...]

Jacksonville Real Estate Lawyer

  As a realtor, is there anything more exciting than seeing your clients lay eyes on the exact property they have been looking for? Maybe it is a newlywed couple who have found their dream home with granite counters, four bedrooms, and great neighborhood schools nearby. Or, maybe it is a pizza-shop owner relocating from some hole-in-the-wall to a corner shop on Elm Street. Whatever the case may be, after the initial thrill of bringing buyers and sellers together comes the technical work of [...]

Florida Broker Commission Disputes

Closing a sale. Is there any greater feeling in the world? You have spent your time and energy prepping the house, creating buzz, getting prospective buyers in, negotiating a price, getting the paperwork done. You have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into making the sale. Now, once that is all said and done, is there any feeling worse than not collecting your full commission? Keep reading this blog to learn the rules of the road are in Florida and what steps you should follow in order to col[...]

Municipal Code Violations May Impact Your Home’s Title

Municipal codes, as they relate to real property, serve to protect the welfare of local communities. They set standards for health and safety and aim to prevent treacherous conditions that may not be obvious to the lay person. Code violations may result in fines and will require that the owner of the offending property remedy the issues at their own expense. Existing code violations present issues for prospective buyers of property and may impact the marketability of title. Municipal Code Violat[...]

Florida Real Estate Basics: The Deed

If you are buying or selling a home in Florida, you expect to fill out a lot of documents in the process but may not know the meaning of each of the documents involved in your Florida real estate sale. One of the most important documents is the Deed. A deed is a legal document that conveys the property from the seller to the buyer. In it the seller makes a number of covenants, or promises, to the buyer. Not all deeds are the same and they are distinguished by the different types of covenants th[...]

Opportunities For Real Estate Purchasers and Sellers in Florida

The latest trends and reports from Florida Realtors® demonstrate shifting tides in the Florida real estate market that seem to favor sellers. The median sale price of single family homes rose from $199,900 to $225,000 between August 2015 and August 2016. This means that housing prices are on the rise and sellers, especially those who bought when the market was low, are seeing potential to profit from their investment. As prices continue to rise so does the risk that the market will hit an apex[...]

The Danger Zone: High Risk Mortgages

Buying a home is a big milestone, whether it’s a first home, fifth home, or investment home.  Its also a big legal undertaking filled with long, in-depth contracts full of legalese that can be confusing and its easy to get caught up in the excitement, ignore the portions that are difficult to understand, and proceed.  Don’t do that.  Most mortgage lenders are honest and fair but some aren’t and if you don’t take the time to understand the agreement you’re entering into, you’re at [...]