Preparing Your Buyer for Closing

Closing day is an important milestone in the life of a homebuyer. Regardless of whether a buyer is purchasing his or her first home or fourth, finalizing the transaction is an exciting day. While the homebuyer is eagerly anticipating becoming the owner of his or her dream property, the real estate agent is working hard to ensure that the process goes smoothly. As a realtor, one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your client is make sure that he or she is adequately prepared for closing. Preparing your buyer for closing can reduce some of the problems that can impede a sale.
Explain the Process
Not knowing what is going to happen can make even the most calm and practical individuals feel slightly anxious. Explaining the closing process to your buyers, even if they have previously purchased a house, can set their minds at ease. Let your client know what type of documents they can expect to sign, how long the process will take, and who all should be in attendance. Give your clients time to ask questions and make sure they fully understand your answers.
Ensure Required Items are Available
Prior to closing, go over what items your buyer will be required to bring and double check to ensure the buyer has the items needed when he or she arrives at closing. In the rush to find cancelled checks, photo identification, certified funds, and anything else required, your buyer may forget important items that could bring closing to an abrupt halt. Also, it is possible that a third party at a title company or other business may provide your buyer with incorrect information regarding what items he or she needs to bring. Checking to make sure that the buyer has everything that you know he or she will need is the best way to avoid unpleasant or awkward moments at the table.
Prepare Your Buyer for the Unexpected
No matter how much due diligence you do as a realtor, mistakes can still occur. A typo on a contract or an incorrect dollar amount can create an unexpected delay. Make sure your client is aware of the fact that an error outside of his or her (and your) control could occur prolonging closing. Encourage your client to schedule the closing for early in the morning and suggest that he or she take a day off of work if possible. Not having to worry about time constraints that are work related will alleviate some of your buyer’s stress in the event of an issue extending the home closing.
Adam Law Group
The road to closing is not an easy one for any realtor, and the help of an experienced real estate attorney can aid you when problems arise. The team at Adam Law Group is prepared to provide you with the legal advice you need to provide your clients with the best buying experience possible. Conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida, we are available to assist both you and your buyer throughout the closing process. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation so that we can begin providing you with assistance you deserve.