Four Things to Check Without Your Clients Present

Getting ready for closing is a stressful experience for buyers, sellers, and their real estate agents.  Prior to closing taking place, a real estate agent and the client will usually walk through the property one last time. While the average agent will have a checklist of things to be on the look out for, it is not unusual to be blindsided by something that you and your client are unprepared to deal with. One way to avoid these unpleasant surprises is to have a short list of things to check without your clients present. This will give you a chance to fix issues without having to deal with upset clients.
Aesthetics of the House
It is no secret that seemingly little things can deter a person from going through with closing on a house. One seemingly small thing that is noticed at closing can lead to a buyer backing out of the deal in spite of penalties. On closing day, take some time to visit the property before your clients arrive to check on things. Doing light dusting or making sure that something that was supposed to be placed in a certain location has been can finalize the sale of a property with limited effort on your part.
Other Offers
Do what you can to find out if there are other legitimate offers made on a home and how serious these offers are. If a seller has a more attractive offer, they may be waiting for just one pre-closing slip up to occur so that they can back out of the contract and jump on the more attractive offer. Keep an eye on the market to make sure your client is not waiting too long to close or to prevent them from making any choices or demands that could encourage the seller to cancel the entire deal.
At the time the contract is made, your buyers may have agreed to certain repairs or changes based on the results of their inspection. Prior to the walkthrough with your clients, stop by the house alone the see if the repairs were completed. If they are not, then contact the seller’s representative yourself to find out what is causing the delay. Doing this is better than discovering the omission with irate clients standing next to you and being forced to wait on a call back while simultaneously contending with angry buyers. Discovering flaws in advance gives you an opportunity to rectify the situation before your clients are even aware that something has happened.
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