Closing Day Walkthrough Tips

Once you have gotten a buyer through the difficult task of finding just the right home and guided him or her through the stressful process of qualifying for a loan, it might seem like the hard part is over. In reality, your work as a realtor will not end until after the last form is signed and the last check exchanged hands at closing. For that reason, preparing for closing day is one of the most import tasks of any real estate agent. Remembering these closing day walkthrough tips makes the big day easier for both your clients and yourself.
Is Everything You Bought There?
A buyer should never assume that everything they see during their initial walkthroughs and home inspection is included with the home purchase. More than one buyer has received a shock on closing day when he or she discovered an antique wood burning stove or striking mirror missing on closing day. During the purchasing process, make sure that everything the buyer really wants is listed on the contract. That includes appliances, fixtures, and hardware items that played a crucial role in the buyer’s decision to purchase the home. When you are going through the walkthrough, make sure everything listed that was supposed to be included in the sale of the home is physically present.
Were Repairs Completed?
During the inspection, it is possible that one or two issues were discovered that the buyer requested fixed prior to closing. When the final walkthrough is performed, always make sure those repairs were really completed. Never take it for granted that repairs the seller promised to complete were actually done. Most importantly, make sure the repairs meet the standards of your buyers. If the repair appears to be something that the owners did themselves at the last second without the proper equipment, note it and bring it up at closing.
Is Everything Working?
Lastly, check to make sure every item in the house is working properly. Go through the house and flush toilets, run sinks and check for leaks, then check the appliances in the kitchen. Microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators included with the house should all be checked. Remember to run the garbage disposal and start up the dishwasher so that there is no doubt in the buyer’s mind that they are getting a house that meets their expectations. If you or the buyer notice anything that is not working or that appears to have been damaged during the move, document it and bring it up at closing.
When in Doubt, Seek Help
If you run into a closing day situation that seems to be volatile, do not hesitate to contact a real estate attorney. An experienced attorney can go over the contract with you and determine the best way to handle any issues revealed during a closing day walkthrough. The team at Adam Law Group is prepared to assist you and your clients with all of your legal needs. Contact our Jacksonville, Florida office today to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss how we can help you serve your clients.