Month: August 2018

What are Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges?

If you sell a piece of investment property, you will often be required to pay tax on it, as well. In situations in which a person then uses these gains to buy another piece of investment property, that person will likely be taxed a second time. Section 1031 of the tax code offers an investor the option to only pay taxes once on certain types of investment properties. Because Section 1031 can be particularly advantageous for investors, it is important for investors to understand how this section [...]

The Impact of Bankruptcy on Medical Debt

A large number of Americans end up in financial debt due to the high costs associated with medical care. Many Americans who are diagnosed with serious medical conditions as well as who are involved in serious accidents can end up facing hefty medical bills. Many of those people decide to utilize the bankruptcy process to alleviate financial strain and unmanageable debt. This is because if you declare bankruptcy, your medical bills will often be part of your discharged debt. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy [...]

Why Businesses File Chapter 11

At the end of August, a potentially major legal showdown is scheduled to be heard in court as the company behind over 140 Applebee’s franchises fights against Applebee’s parent company. Approximately nine months ago, RMH Holdings, the second largest franchise holder of Applebee’s, stopped paying their parent company royalties and advertising fees. After months of contention, Applebee’s parent company, Dine Brands, attempted to regain control of the large number of RMH-owned locations by [...]

Reasons Real Estate Agents Suggest Remodeling

  Deciding to sell a house is never something that happens overnight. Changes in employment, financial circumstances, or family needs may all contribute to your desire to purchase a new home after selling your current one. Unfortunately, the news that you may need to make some changes to your beloved home may make the prospect of selling less appealing even after you have made up your mind. If you have been asked to update or remodel your home, it is important to know the reasons real estat[...]

How can Chapter 13 Help You?

  For decades, the stigma of bankruptcy has existed throughout the United States. A person who filed bankruptcy was considered to be lazy, greedy, or poor at managing money. In reality, filing for bankruptcy is something that is often a result of unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances such as divorce, serious health issues, or even the loss of a loved one. If you are a person drowning in debt and not sure where to turn, take time to learn how chapter 13 can help you. End Tax Refund Interc[...]