Reasons Real Estate Agents Suggest Remodeling

Deciding to sell a house is never something that happens overnight. Changes in employment, financial circumstances, or family needs may all contribute to your desire to purchase a new home after selling your current one. Unfortunately, the news that you may need to make some changes to your beloved home may make the prospect of selling less appealing even after you have made up your mind. If you have been asked to update or remodel your home, it is important to know the reasons real estate agents suggest remodeling before going out of your way to refuse their advice.
Modernize Outdated Homes
Styles and trends in architecture change constantly, meaning the home you purchased 10 years ago may no longer be as modern as you originally believed. Real estate agents pay close attention to interior and exterior design trends so that they can help clients sell their homes quickly. If your home is older, your agent may suggest remodeling to modernize an outdated home. Making a few major or minor changes can prevent potential buyers from dismissing your property at first glance because it is too dated or seems old compared to other homes they have viewed.
Stand Out in a Competitive Market
If you live in an area where buyers have their pick of homes for sale, then you may need to go the extra mile in order to stand out in a competitive market. Remodeling your home and adding updated appliances or other features gives your home additional curb appeal. Updates can also help buyers better remember your property, increasing their chances of taking a second look and seriously considering making an offer.  If you live an area with a large number of houses for sale, even a small change could help set you apart from your neighbors.
Justify Expensive Sale’s Price
There are times when a person selling property has a higher asking price than comparable homes.  That price may be higher because the current owner owes more on their mortgage than other neighbors, took out a second mortgage at some point, or has more amenities that they feel justify the cost. Regardless, if your home’s price is expensive when directly compared to homes in the immediate area, then be prepared to justify your asking price. It is often easier for your realtor to convince a buyer that your asking price is reasonable if you have new appliances and other features than if you have made no improvements on your home.
Making the Right Choices
Selling a home requires a lot of preparation and can quickly become stressful. One way to reduce your stress is by relying on the aid of an experienced real estate attorney who can help you and your real estate agent throughout each step of the selling process. The team at Adam Law Group understands how difficult selling a home is, and we work with you to make sure your house is sold. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so that we can begin discussing your needs.