Generally, agreements between buyers and sellers to convey real estate are governed by the general principles of contract law. Fla. Stat. §725.01 requires that contracts for real property be reduce to writing. As the process of transferring title and interest to real property is often complex and full of numerous caveats, the contracts are often extremely technical and complicated.

The professionals at Adam Law Group have significant experience is assisting both commercial and residential buyers and sellers in navigating the full gamut of the real estate transaction from initial negotiations, through closings. Our attorneys are capable of serving their real estate clients in several capacities, including full service commercial and residential contract review, analysis and preparation, closings title insurance, title examinations, and procurement of commercial real estate and construction financing.

How Do I Get Out of Payday Loan Debt?

  • November 16, 2021

Payday loans are often the loans of last resort for people struggling to pay their debts and for life’s necessities, so if you have one of these loans, you may wonder, how do I get out of payday loan debt? If that’s your situation, other than paying off the debt, there are limited options that […]