Month: February 2019

Lawsuits Involving Quitclaim Deeds

In the state of Florida, quitclaim deeds are one of the most popular ways to transfer interest in a piece of property. An individual who signs a quitclaim deed transfers whatever interest that person has in the property to another individual. Unfortunately, given their expansive nature, quitclaim deeds frequently lead to lawsuits. Florida Law and Quitclaim Deeds In accordance with Florida law, a person who grants a quitclaim deed does not claim that the ownership being transferred is valid or fr[...]

Bankruptcy and Wage Garnishment

An overwhelming number of individuals live from paycheck to paycheck. If you are one of these people, any disruption in your wages can place you in a dire financial situation. To make matters worse, if you are facing a wage garnishment, it is possible that creditors can take as much as a quarter or more of your wages. Many people discover that wage garnishments to this degree make it difficult to pay the bills. The Value of Automatic Bankruptcy Stays Immediately after filing for bankruptcy, you [...]

Common Bankruptcy Myths Debunked

Filing for bankruptcy is a significant life event that can have a devastating impact on your credit score. For some people facing serious financial difficulties, however, bankruptcy is the best option for paying off debts, obtaining financial relief, and getting a new start at building a good credit score. Despite the advantages of bankruptcy, there are still a number of myths held by people about what exactly bankruptcy entails. The following will take a closer look at some of the most common m[...]

Things to Leave Unfixed When Selling a Property

  As most people with real estate experience can tell you, it is common to discover that repairs need to be performed before a piece of a property can be sold. This might include leaks, improperly working appliances, and insect infestations. While any defect or condition that impairs the function or operation of a property should certainly be fixed, when it comes to additional details, it is often best to think twice about whether these repairs are truly necessary. This article reviews a nu[...]