Things to Leave Unfixed When Selling a Property

As most people with real estate experience can tell you, it is common to discover that repairs need to be performed before a piece of a property can be sold. This might include leaks, improperly working appliances, and insect infestations. While any defect or condition that impairs the function or operation of a property should certainly be fixed, when it comes to additional details, it is often best to think twice about whether these repairs are truly necessary. This article reviews a number of things that you might not want to fix before selling a property.
Cosmetic Damages
The category of cosmetic damages can include everything from peeling paint to scuffed floors. These damages do not impair the function of a property, but they do provide the appearance that the property is more run-down. While many experienced property buyers know to look beyond cosmetic defects, not everyone does. Provided that a home’s structural issues are in good shape, you very well might be able to leave cosmetic damage alone before selling a property.
Some people decide to pick trendy colors to repaint a property. While these colors might look good in the moment, they often will not appeal to a large number of buyers, or the color might quickly fall out of favor. Instead, the best options is to keep colors neutral because it is likely that the buyer will paint the house the color they want, anyway.
Updating Bathrooms and Kitchens
Even if a bathroom or kitchen is decades outdated, it is important to understand that many buyers look forward to remodeling these areas. Additionally, attempting to second guess what a buyer wants is often a difficult if not impossible task to perform. Unless you are entirely certain about who will be buying your property, it is often a better idea to not make guesses in this area.
Performing Partial Fixes
If you decide to fix a bathroom or kitchen, it is critical to not end up going halfway while making these repairs. It is much better to not make a repair than an attempt to fix an area and only leave the project halfway through the repair process.
Performing Repairs Beyond the Neighborhood’s Norm
If all houses in your neighborhood are spectacularly furnished and landscaped, it is often a wise idea to spend the money to bring the quality of your house to this level. There is a risk, however, that if your property is the only location in the area with a high quality of landscaping and furnishings, you might not receive the amount that you are seeking.
Contact an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer
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