Month: April 2018

Tips for Closing with an Investor

Real estate has long been a stable investment for anyone seeking to amass a valuable portfolio.  Though the real estate market has been slowed by past recessions, in many markets an investor with ready cash available has helped sellers who were attempting to sell property during a time when buyers are scarce. While it is true that a real estate investor can be the answer to any property situation in which finding buyers is hard, closing with a cash investor comes with its own unique set of pote[...]

Four Ways Bankruptcy can Save Your Financial Future

The idea of bankruptcy being something positive is foreign to most Americans. For decades bankruptcy was viewed as a financial defeat, and the changing bankruptcy laws that were created in response to high filing numbers further cemented the idea that bankruptcy was bad. While bankruptcy is never the ideal solution for a given situation, it can actually help solve some of your financial troubles. Knowing these four ways bankruptcies can save your financial future can help you if you are unsure w[...]

Four Things to Check Without Your Clients Present

  Getting ready for closing is a stressful experience for buyers, sellers, and their real estate agents.  Prior to closing taking place, a real estate agent and the client will usually walk through the property one last time. While the average agent will have a checklist of things to be on the look out for, it is not unusual to be blindsided by something that you and your client are unprepared to deal with. One way to avoid these unpleasant surprises is to have a short list of things to ch[...]

Three Signs it is Time to Consider Bankruptcy

In the United States, bankruptcy is seen as an option of last resort when a person is in debt. Viewed negatively, the average person believes bankruptcy is a sign of financial defeat, and that stigma leads to people waiting until their situation is truly out of control before they seriously explore bankruptcy. If you or someone close to you is going through a difficult financial period, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. Since societal stigma makes it hard to determine when bankru[...]