When Should a Realtor Leave a Client?

As realtors, we all strive to make our clients happy. While you likely strive to make the purchase and sale of each home as enjoyable a process as possible, that is not always possible even if you do your best to listen to a client’s needs. Instead, there are several situations in which realtors should be prepared to leave a client if necessary. The following will review just some of the situations in which realtors are likely better off leaving the client instead of trying to help them with a property transaction.
Clients That are Too Picky
There is a difference between being selective and being too picky. If you have shown a client dozens of houses that meet his or her criteria, but the client does not like any of them, it is time to reevaluate. Some realtors even decide to debrief after each walkthrough to get an assessment of how much a client liked a house and what the property’s shortcomings and strengths were. If your client is proving impossible to please, it is important to consider whether the client would do better with the assistance of another realtor.
Slow or Uncertain Clients
Buying or selling a property is not for the faint-hearted. It is often the case that a party must respond promptly and in a detailed manner. While realtors should make sure to communicate with clients using their preferred communication method, if the client is still being slow or sluggish to respond then it might very well be a good time to move on.
Rude Clients
Many of us get a feeling very early on when we meet someone about whether we will work well with that individual. If a client is mean to you, you might decide that you do not want to put yourself through this. Instead, you should attempt to use a professional tone to defuse the rudeness as much as possible. If things reach a point where it becomes impossible to work together, it is worth understanding that no deal is worth months or weeks of this type of treatment by a client.
Clients Who Know Too Much  
Many people select a realtor because they feel that they need additional assistance navigating the nuances of property law. Despite this, there are still many people who think they are smarter than realtors. If you have a client who does not follow your advice or second-guesses every suggestion you make, this client is likely not a good match for you.
Learn when it is Time to Leave a Client
If you put in the energy to make a relationship work and are unable to remedy an issue, it is important to then ask how you will end your relationship with the client. One of the most important pieces of advice to follow during this time is to stay professional. This means that you should avoid pointing blame, swearing, or raising your voice. Breaking up might not be easy, but it is sometimes the only essential way to reach your potential as a successful realtor. 
Speak with a Knowledgeable Property Lawyer
The transfer of property is not always an easy process to navigate. Without a lawyer, there are some frustrating and even overwhelming situations a realtor can encounter. If you need the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney, do not hesitate to contact the Adam Law Group today to schedule a free case evaluation.