What Should Realtors do After Closing?

There are all sorts of stories about realtors who have gone above and beyond the basic duties of their positions. Some realtors even help to line up contractors and facilitate necessary repairs. While this might seem like a lot of additional work, treating clients well after closing can result in increased business as well as create lasting relationships.
Approximately 64% of sellers who used realtors found the agent through a family member or friend. The following will review some of the additional steps that realtors might consider making long after closing day has occurred.
Perform Seven and 30- Day Followup
Some agents make it routine to follow up clients at these intervals. This way, you can learn if the purchaser is happy with the transaction and also take the opportunity to learn if you can help the property owner in any way. 
Remember Important Dates
Agents can benefit by making certain that they write down important dates like birthdays and closing anniversaries for clients. This lets the client know that the agent is thinking of them and continuing to wish the best for them. 
This personal connection can lead to increased satisfaction with property purchasers and heighten the chances that they will recommend the agent to someone else.
Help Locate Contractors
Create a list of contractors and vendors who provide services in the area. This information can be helpful for new clients as well as those who purchased the property over a decade ago. This can show clients that you are interested in the quality of their future at a property and are not simply involved to make money during the transaction. 
In addition to creating lists of this type, realtors should continue to advise former clients. If you act to busy or do not keep correspondence open after the sale, you can end up losing clients at a later date.
Host an Event with Former Clients
No matter when or what the event is, inviting previous clients to a social event where other clients and brokerage teams are can be a great way to keep yourself in the minds of the people around you. Some property purchasers dislike the feeling that they were completely forgotten about after their closing date, and these types of events help to counteract that feeling. 
Play an Active Role in the Community
By engaging in the surrounding community and later communicating details about this interaction through client newsletters or correspondence, a realtor can create and leave a positive image in the minds of past clients. Agents should strive to give the impression that they are up to date and aware of various happenings in the community.
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