What is a Zoning Variance and How Do You Apply for One in Florida?

What is a Zoning Variance and How Do You Apply for One in Florida?

Zoning variances are special permits that allow for specific changes to zoning laws. To apply for a zoning variance, you must submit an application and meet specific requirements. Zoning variances can be used to make a wide variety of changes, including changing the use of a property from commercial to residential, allowing a new construction on a property, allowing an alteration in the type of use for an existing property, and more.

What is Zoning and Why is it Important?

Zoning is the practice of dividing a community into specific areas that have different regulations. Zoning laws generally protect residents’ health, safety, and welfare by regulating what can and cannot be built in a particular area. Zoning also controls how the land can be used and helps to create a sense of community.

Zoning is necessary for two reasons. First, it helps regulate development in an area to fit with the surrounding community. This ensures that the neighborhood remains livable and attractive while protecting the environment. Secondly, zoning determines which businesses can operate in an area and how they can use their property. This helps to keep neighborhoods safe and clean while providing jobs for local residents.

What are the Benefits of Requesting a Zoning Variance?

Zoning variances allow homeowners and businesses to have their proposals considered in a different light than what would be prescribed by zoning ordinances. They are usually requested when there is a need to change or expand an existing use or when a proposed development will require a variance from the zoning code. Zoning variances can also be granted for special events such as land use and building use changes. In some cases, they are even available for residential subdivisions if certain conditions are met.

There are many benefits of requesting a zoning variance. The most common reason for requesting one is to allow an existing use to be expanded or changed. This can include things like adding an additional bedroom to a home, modifying the exterior of a building, or creating a new business inside of an industrial zone.
How to Apply for a Zoning Variance in Florida

As we mentioned, if you want to make changes to your property that go against the set zoning rules in your neighborhood, you will need to apply for a zoning variance. This document can be intimidating, but we will show you how to get started.

Preparing Your Application

Make sure you have all the required documents ready when submitting your application. You will need to provide information about your property, as well as information about the proposed changes.

Filing Your Application

You will need to file your application with the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) in your county. The ZBA will require that you pay a $250 fee in order to file your application.

Waiting for the Decision

The ZBA will review your application and decide whether or not they will grant you a zoning variance.
How to Get the Best Outcome for Your Florida Zoning Variance Application

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