Ways Realtors can Protect Against Cybercrime

Technology has improved real estate transactions in many ways. Not only is the real estate process much smoother than it once was, but it is also more transparent. While this has brought some advantageous changes, it has also exposed realtors and other real estate professionals to cybercrime. While many real estate companies focus on having the best technology in place, they forget to teach workers about the best tactics to avoid ending up victims of cybercrime. The following will outline some tips that realtors can follow to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. 
Routinely Update Your Devices
It can be annoying to download and install updates to electronic devices. These updates, however, do some important things like fix potential security weaknesses. By ignoring these updates, you enable cybercriminals to take advantage of security weaknesses in your computer, phone, or other device.
Use Email Cautiously
It is a good idea to enable two-factor authentication when sending emails. It is also a good idea to make it a habit of checking access details to make sure that a security compromise has not occurred. If the access details show a foreign location with which you are not familiar, there is often a reason to be concerned. Guarding email in such a way protects the various pieces of confidential email that you are likely handling.
Only Use Secure Wifi Connections
No matter if you are sending or receiving information, you should make sure to only do so using a secure wifi connection that utilizes a password. You should remain particularly cautious of unsecured public wifi because there is a risk that someone else might be viewing confidential information. 
Limit Social Media Usage
Cybercriminals often select potential victims based on information that unsuspecting people share on social media accounts. Consider reducing the amount of personal information you share on social media. 
Secure Transactions from Fraud
It is a good idea to obtain the contact information of the escrow officer handling your transaction. If a change occurs in any of the contract documents, you should independently confirm these changes before wiring any money. Avoid advising clients regarding wiring funds and defer to the escrow officer.
Use Strong Passwords
You should make sure to use strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts. Many people decide to use the same passwords over and over again because they are frustrated with remembering various passwords. There are applications designed to store these details rather than relying on a notebook or your memory. By compromising on the strength of your passwords, you greatly increase the chances that you might end up a victim of cybercrime.
Speak with an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer
The real estate process is complex and involves many nuanced issues. If you are a realtor who needs the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, do not hesitate to contact Adam Law Group today.