Critical Questions to Ask Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Filing

Critical Questions to Ask Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Filing

Regardless of how much you think you know about the bankruptcy process, it is often still a good idea to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer who can answer any questions you might have. Reviewing the facts with a knowledgeable attorney is also one of the best ways to make sure that you avoid any errors that could end up jeopardizing your bankruptcy case.   To better prepare you for the initial meeting with your bankruptcy attorney, this article reviews some critical questions you should ask[...]

Can You File for Bankruptcy if You Lost Your Job?

  With businesses closed during the coronavirus pandemic, many people in Florida have ended up unemployed. According to the United States Department of Labor, the total number of Americans who have filed for unemployment is approximately 22 million individuals, or 13.5% of the workforce.    With this number anticipated to increase even further, many people have sought options like bankruptcy to take control of their debt. Other people have refrained from filing for bankruptcy out o[...]

How Bankruptcy Impacts Existing Judgments

People in Florida who have existing judgments or liens often hesitate to file for bankruptcy. After all, many of these people believe that these types of legal instruments are final and that it is too late to pursue a good credit report. This is a misconception, however. The following reviews some important information to consider about the impact that filing for bankruptcy can have on existing judgments. Impact of Bankruptcy on Pending Judgments After filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is[...]

Four Things to do When You Owe the IRS Money

  As tax season looms, you likely have given some thought to your current financial situation. If you have encountered the problem of not being able to pay your income taxes this year, you might be considering various options, including filing for bankruptcy. While you consider how to respond to this situation, you should review the following five pieces of advice about owing the Internal Revenue Service money.  Promptly File Your Income Taxes Taxpayers who owe the Internal Revenue Service[...]

What to Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy

  Life is hectic. If you find yourself unable to face some of the debts that you owe, remember that you are not alone. For many people, filing for bankruptcy can offer substantial relief and a second opportunity to rebuild credit. While a bankruptcy lawyer can handle the legal issues involved with your case, it can also help to understand some important facts about bankruptcy before you begin the process. Who is Eligible to File for Bankruptcy? Anyone who can demonstrate that he or she is [...]

Four Critical Things to Know About Bankruptcy

  When people struggle with insurmountable debt, bankruptcy can be a useful tool in getting back on track. The bankruptcy process is not something to be undertaken without consideration, however. It is a big deal and requires a significant commitment. To this end, it is critical to understand exactly what bankruptcy can and cannot do.  The following are a few of the most important things that you should remember when filing for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy Takes Several Forms Most people who f[...]

How Filing Bankruptcy can Impact Your Rental Property

While many people who file for bankruptcy understand the basics of the process, people frequently have questions about how specific types of property are handled. If you own a rental house, property, or commercial unit, it is important to consider how these types of property will be affected if you file for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Rental Properties When a person files for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, the individual is allowed to keep certain property that is classified as exempt. Whi[...]

Deciding if Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is Right for You

  Among the numerous questions that people ask about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one of the most common is whether a person is a good candidate for Chapter 7. The answer to this question depends on a number of complex factors, which we will review below. Do You Own Property? If you do not have a source of income or any assets, a creditor will often not be able to collect from you, which means that filing for bankruptcy may not be necessary. If you do have a source of income and valuable assets, h[...]

Navigating the Negative Emotions of Bankruptcy

  Not only is bankruptcy a financially difficult arrangement, it can also result in a number of negative emotions. While some people experience a period of relief after filing for bankruptcy because there are no longer creditors to harass them, other individuals can feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the complex legal process and the long time it can take to work through it. The following explores some tips for taking control of yourself and your emotions when filing for bankruptcy. Take [...]

Common Bankruptcy Myths

The bankruptcy process can be quite complex. For this reason, there are a number of common misconceptions about bankruptcy that should not be perpetuated. The following will take a look at the reality behind some of the most common myths that are shared about the bankruptcy process. You Will Never Have Good Credit After Filing for Bankruptcy While a bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for several years from the date of your filing, it is possible to rebuild your credit score after the b[...]