Signs it is Time to Replace Your Bankruptcy Attorney

No matter how carefully you planned for the future and how hard you work, there are times when a personal or professional bankruptcy is inevitable. When you can no longer afford to make on-time payments and other forms of debt relief such as negotiating with creditors fail, then bankruptcy may become your only reasonable option. There are many attorneys who offer affordable professional bankruptcy services, but unfortunately not all of them are as professional as they claim. If you have hired a bankruptcy attorney but are unsure about whether he or she can do the job, look out for these three signs that it is time to replace your bankruptcy attorney.
Major Errors on Your Documents
No one is perfect, but a bankruptcy attorney should be able to file your petition and support documents without making any major errors. If you are reviewing your documents for signature in the office or, worse, in front of a trustee, the last thing you want to see is a glaring error that a professional attorney should have caught. Errors that should make your reconsider your choice include incorrect name spelling, social security number, missing income documents, and an incomplete listing of your debts. Mistakes such as these may make the bankruptcy court believe that you are attempting to hide assets, lie about your identity, or worse.
Poor Communication
During what will likely be one of the most stressful financial points of your life you need a bankruptcy lawyer who is going to be there to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.  If you have an attorney who never responds to your messages and fails to provide you with critical information such as hearing dates or crucial document requests, then you may want to reconsider your choice. In the era of affordable answering services, social media with instant replies, email, and text messaging, there is no excuse for your attorney’s office to take days to respond to a call or email.
No Consistency
Few people like change, especially when they are already going through a life-changing event such as filing for bankruptcy. The attorney you retain should be consistent and able to attend appointments as scheduled or return calls as needed. The plan of action regarding your case should be static unless an unforeseen event occurs. If you have an attorney who is constantly late to meetings, hearings, and never seems to know what he or she is doing for each client, that should be a major warning sign. Most importantly, if the attorney’s fees keep changing, then you should certainly consider searching for representation from a more consistent lawyer.
The Law Group for You
The bankruptcy attorneys at Adam Law Group understand how stressful bankruptcy is and we are here to provide you with the professional, empathetic service you deserve. Our team works with you to determine what chapter is best for your unique situation and make sure you are never left in the dark about your filing. If you are ready to discuss bankruptcy or believe you need a new attorney, contact us today at 904-329-7249 so that we can begin providing you with the consistent legal advice that you need.