Renting an Apartment After Filing for Bankruptcy

No matter if you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the bankruptcy process creates a number of unanticipated obstacles. One of these obstacles is that it can be difficult to find an apartment to rent after filing for bankruptcy.
By following some proven strategies, however, it is often possible to locate a rental property in Florida after bankruptcy. The following will review some steps that you can take after filing for bankruptcy in Florida to greatly increase your chances of becoming an apartment renter.
Be Direct About Your Situations with Potential Landlords
Some people even decide to search for rental properties based off of “no credit check apartments” in the area where they want to find an apartment. Because most properties perform credit checks, however, it is likely that your prospective landlord will learn that you filed for bankruptcy.
If you explain that you encountered financial difficulties in the past but took measures to resolve this situation and have learned from your past, it is possible that your bankruptcy record will not prove insurmountable.
Select a Private Property Owner Rather Than a Rental Company
Many people who have a bankruptcy on their record discover that it is easier to rent an apartment from a private property owner instead of a management company. This is because management companies often have much stricter rules about rentals.
Rely on Your Previous Rental History
If you have rented in the past and are able to show that you were a good tenant and paid your rent on time, it is a good idea to point out these details on your application. Even with a history of bankruptcy, it is often possible to still be accepted as a renter if you can establish that you are a successful renter.
Offer a Larger Security Deposit
A person who just navigated the bankruptcy process might not always have a ton of money on hand. If that person is able to gather together enough money for a larger security deposit, this can sometimes increase his or her chances of being approved as a renter.
Have a Job or Proof of Income
It is important and helpful to bring pay stubs or some type of proof of income when applying to be a renter. If you have a job where your income varies between month, it is often a good idea to have a letter from your employer or human resources department stating what you make on average each month.
Get a Reference List Ready
If you are applying to rent a residence after having navigated the bankruptcy process, it is important to compile a list of people who are willing to provide a reference of your character and financial stability. The more people that you are able to list, the better.
In some cases, a glowing enough review from a reputable enough source can help diminish the negative effects of a bankruptcy on your record.
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