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How Realtors Should Clean Listed Properties in the Coronavirus Era

One facet of the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused many people to worry is the length of time the virus can survive on surfaces. Added to this risk is the fear that people are not cleaning surfaces or properties correctly. If you are selling a property, you want to do whatever possible to avoid leaving prospective buyers worried that they will accidentally be exposed to the virus while viewing it. The following reviews some critical steps you can take to keep your home clean as you try to sell it during the coronavirus pandemic.


Understand the Virus


The novel coronavirus survives on surfaces for anywhere between several hours to several days. The Centers for Disease Control report that the virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours, plastic for 48 to 72 hours, and stainless steel for 48 to 72 hours. The exact time that the coronavirus survives on surfaces is also influenced by several other factors including temperature and a surface’s ability to hold moisture.


Be Cautious About What is Brought Onto the Property


By being cautious about how you bring items into a property, you can greatly reduce coronavirus exposure risk. This means that you should disinfect things immediately after they come into your home, particularly if you have recently gone outside. Similarly, you should make sure to remove any dirty shoes and wipe down any bags or packaging before entering the property. 


Many people have also made a routine habit of disinfecting their hands as soon as they enter a property. To further reduce the risk of COVID-19, it is also a wise idea to frequently wash and vacuum doormats and entrance rugs. 


Prioritize Frequently Touched Areas When Cleaning


While many of us want to clean every area in a property during the coronavirus, it is often a much more effective and achievable goal to focus on frequently-touched areas first. By making sure these areas are clean, you will greatly reduce the risk of transmission. For example, rather than frequently cleaning inside rarely examined cabinets for the coronavirus, it is a much better idea to begin by cleaning things like door knobs and light switches.


Properly Disinfect Things


It is important to pre-clean hard surfaces before disinfecting them to remove any excess grime. After a disinfectant is used, you should then wait several seconds for all germs and viruses to be effectively killed before wiping the surface. If you are cleaning an area that is often touched by children or food, you should remember to also later rinse this area with water. 


Create a Cleaning Routine


Once you understand how to clean properly and arm yourself with the proper cleaning tools, it is still critical to establish a routine to clean your home. The frequency with which you or others clean the property should be influenced by how often prospective buyers visit the property. While you might need to schedule cleanings a few times a week for some properties, other properties might suffice with a once a week cleaning.


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