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4 Facts About Bankruptcy You May Not Know

Bankruptcy can Improve Your Credit

It’s a widely held misconception that Bankruptcy will ruin your credit forever. Bankruptcy laws were designed to help consumers return to crediworthiness. How the consumer uses this tool is up to him or her. Ask your attorney for more information on how Bankruptcy will effect your credit rating and strategies for using a bankruptcy to repair your credit.

Protection From Creditors

Once your bankruptcy has been discharged, creditors are required by the Federal Debt Collections Procedure Act (FDCPA) to no longer harass you regarding the discharged debt. Even just a letter to you regarding the discharged debt can result in statutory fines of $1,000 and your attorney fees and costs.

You May Qualify For a New Mortgage

Bankruptcy is not a death sentence for home ownership. If you can prove a good and steady income, a history of on time payments and are prepared to make a respectable down payment, many lenders will consider potential buyers who are post-bankruptcy.

Its Very Affordable

Filing for Bankruptcy usually costs far less than most people think. Our fees for bankruptcy filings start as low as $0 Down with low monthly payments. Contact us today for a free attorney consultation to find out if bankruptcy is the solution you have been looking for.

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Bankruptcy Chapters

Chapter 7

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves the liquidation of all of an individual’s non exempt assets in order to satisfy the claims of creditors. The successful completion of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will result in a discharge on the individual’s debt. Once discharged, the individual cannot be compelled to repay the debts and no action can be taken to collect the debt.

Chapter 13

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a type of reorganization bankruptcy. The goal of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for an individual to restructure and pay-off debts over an extended period of time. A Chapter 13 differs from a Chapter 7 plan in which certain assets are liquidated to settle creditor claims. A plan of reorganization under Chapter 13 allows individuals to pay off their debts over a period of three to five years.

Chapter 11 - Individual

Not just for Business. While the vast majority of Chapter 11 cases are filed on behalf of business entities, individual debtors are also eligible to seek protection under this Chapter. Unlike a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 plan, there are no eligibility requirements or restrictions.

Chapter 11 - Business

During a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceeding, the business debtor is provided with the opportunity to formulate its own plan to reorganize its debts. The plans can vary from a simple repayment plan to stock offers, contractions, or principal reductions.

Bankruptcy FAQ

Whether or not you will be able to keep your home depends on many factors, including your home’s current value, amount that you owe on your home, your income, your bank’s financial position, financial markets and time. Being proactive in addressing foreclosure by contacting our Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyers immediately is the most important factor that you can control.

Yes. For Chapter 13 bankruptcies, a large portion of the attorneys’ fees can paid on a monthly basis through the Chapter 13 Plan of Reorganization. For Chapter 7 cases Adam Law Group is able to offer a flexible payment plan which divides the total attorneys’ fees into six affordable monthly payments.

The automatic stay is a powerful protection against collection activities of creditors provided by the United States Bankruptcy Code. Basically, the automatic stay prevents creditors from attempting or continuing to collect on debts without first getting permission from the Bankruptcy Court. The automatic stay protection is effective the moment that your bankruptcy petition is filed.  Once your bankruptcy petition is filed wage garnishments and harassing phone calls will immediately stop.

Our experienced Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyers can help determine whether you qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Eligibility for a chapter 7 will be determined by family income, household size and other considerations.  In order to qualify to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must have a household income that is below the Florida median income for their family size. Alternatively, you must have expenses that would allow them to qualify by passing what is called the means test.

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