Common Reasons Why Realtors Lose Clients and How to Respond

It is a universal truth that some real estate clients are more likely to retain an agent than others. This sometimes occurs because people have heard about how helpful a real estate agent can be or sometimes people have limited time to spend on a real estate transaction. Unfortunately, however, just because a realtor lands a client does not mean that the client will stay. 
Every day, realtors lose clients for several different reasons. This article examines some of the most common reasons why people lose real estate clients as well as what can be done to handle these situations.
Realtors With High Rates and Low Value
If you have been a realtor for any time, you likely know by now that the payment of realtors is always being criticized. The problem is that while many realtors are skilled negotiates, some realtors do nothing more than push paper while charging high fees. 
As a realtor, you should be skilled at helping new buyers and experienced home sellers successfully navigate matters. By focusing on increasing what you know about the real estate process as well as making a concerted effort to help clients more, many realtors in this situation discover that they can keep clients more often.
Too Many Clients
Having too many clients can lead to serious complications. Existing clients often end up feeling that their needs are not being met, particularly if the realtor is so busy that he or she ends up missing deadlines or not returning calls, texts, or emails. 
New clients who cannot communicate with you effectively can also end up so frustrated they pursue a new realtor. 
Realtors Who Lie
Some realtors have been caught omitting important facts about a property or embellishing facts too freely when discussing matters with a potential client. In these situations, clients often end up learning about the lie or exaggeration and pursuing a relationship with a new realtor. 
The best realtors tell clients small or potentially overlooked details. The client can then research this information and discover that the realtor was telling them the truth, which can lead to increased trust in the relationship between realtor and client.
Your Advertising is Outdated
Think for a minute about when you have been in the role of a consumer. The companies with attractive websites and modern advertising are most likely to get your attention first. 
If a client ends up discovering that a realtor’s website is outdated or difficult to use, the client might end up pursuing a new realtor. If your advertising or search features are outdated, you should make sure to update these features promptly.
Speak With an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer
Hopefully, this article will help you next time you land a potential client. It is also important to remember that if you encounter any complex property law issues, it can help greatly to speak with an experienced property law attorney. Contact Adam Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.