Month: September 2019

Understanding How Bankruptcy can Impact Children

  If you have decided to file for bankruptcy, you likely have a number of important questions. You may be wondering what assets you will be able to keep after the bankruptcy has concluded as well as what your future life will be like. It is also common to wonder exactly what the bankruptcy process involves.  If you are a parent, you might also be worried about how bankruptcy will impact any money that you have saved for your children as well as how your bankruptcy will affect your children[...]

What Realtors Should Tell Clients Early in the Process

It is sad, but true: Every day, real estate transactions fall apart for a number of preventable reasons. By notifying clients of potential risks early on in the buying or selling process, however, it is possible for realtors to greatly decrease the risk of issues arising that can block a real estate transaction from proceeding. The best realtors inform their clients early on in the process about potential problems as well as how they might best be resolved. The following will review some of the [...]

How the Bankruptcy Process Impacts Your Inheritance

  Deciding to pursue bankruptcy is never simple or easy. For many people who are suddenly faced with an overwhelming amount of debt, bankruptcy can be the best option, though still feel intimidating. Ultimately, bankruptcy allows an individual the opportunity to escape debt and create a better financial future.  The decision to pursue bankruptcy can be made much more complicated if a loved one recently passed away and you now expect to receive an inheritance. The following takes a brief ex[...]

Advice for Realtors When Communicating With Appraisers

  There is a long-standing myth about the real estate industry that realtors should remain silent when appraisers become involved in the process. In reality, there is a risk that an appraiser might say something inappropriate and end up facing undesirable consequence, but realtors should often become involved anyway. This is because appraisers plays a vital role in property transactions.   It is particularly important for both a buyer and seller of property that an appraiser provides a[...]