Month: January 2017

Avoiding Mistakes When Filing Bankruptcy

Important Information for Filing Bankruptcy in Jacksonville, FL As FBI Agent William J. Maddalena stated in a recent press release, “[f]ederal bankruptcy proceedings can be a lifesaver for honest individuals overwhelmed by debt.” But why was an FBI agent talking about filing bankruptcy? Isn’t the FBI’s job to investigate crimes? Bankruptcy Fraud is a Crime As a matter of common sense and ethics, most bankruptcy filers know that they should not lie in their bankruptcy filings. But some[...]

Municipal Code Violations May Impact Your Home’s Title

Municipal codes, as they relate to real property, serve to protect the welfare of local communities. They set standards for health and safety and aim to prevent treacherous conditions that may not be obvious to the lay person. Code violations may result in fines and will require that the owner of the offending property remedy the issues at their own expense. Existing code violations present issues for prospective buyers of property and may impact the marketability of title. Municipal Code Violat[...]