Month: December 2015

Deficiency Judgment: You May Owe More than Your Home

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word foreclosure you think of the loss of a home.  But when a foreclosure action is instituted against borrowers who own an underwater home, there’s also a risk that the borrower’s could lose their home and be subject to a judgment against them for money owed in addition to turning over the home.  This is called a deficiency judgment. Deficiency Judgment In past Florida foreclosure blogs, we’ve briefly discussed deficiency judgments but it[...]

Enforcing the Automatic Stay

The decision to declare bankruptcy is not an easy one and many find themselves feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the decision or the process.  In most cases, the stress is two-fold: financial stress and emotional stress.  The emotional stress is often caused by, or at least exacerbated by the near constant reminder of debt from creditor calls and letters. The Bankruptcy Code has within it a provision that often helps alleviate some of this stress once bankruptcy is declared: the automatic sta[...]

Relief From Student Loan Debt

Attending college is an opportunity to obtain education to chase the dream of an aspirational career with more income and satisfaction than could be obtained without a degree.  And, colleges sell that dream.  All colleges, public and private alike, engage in activities to recruit students to attend their college, pay their tuition, and in turn, support their institution.  Colleges have whole positions and often offices dedicated to the recruitment of new students.  Private, non-profit instit[...]