Developing solutions to overwhelming debt

You do not deserve to be crushed by unmanageable debt. Our Jacksonville bankruptcy attorneys fight for your right to make a fresh start and your ability to be free from uncontrollable debt. We can put you in charge of your financial position by informing you of your legal rights and financial options.

Skilled debt analysis professionals

Our Jacksonville bankruptcy attorneys apply intensive research and detailed analyses before advising you to file for bankruptcy. After reviewing your debts, income and expenses, we counsel you on the true and total impact of bankruptcy on your family, business, home and future credit. If bankruptcy is the right choice, we will fully explain the process and the outcomes. Our Jacksonville bankruptcy attorneys’ exhaustive approach to bankruptcy clears up misconceptions and leaves you free from doubt.

Reprieve through automatic stay

You should not have to endure creditors’ aggressive collection tactics. Our Jacksonville bankruptcy attorneys can put an end to the harassing phone calls and irksome letters meant to pressure you into paying debts you cannot afford. Creditors must immediately stop collections efforts as soon as you or your business files for bankruptcy — including those distressing letters and phone calls. Our Jacksonville bankruptcy attorneys can take charge of your creditors and give you back your peace of mind.

4 Facts you may know about Bankruptcy

1. Bankrupcty can be the surest way to repair your credit.

It’s a widely held misconception that Bankruptcy will ruin your credit forever. Bankruptcy laws were designed to help consumers return to crediworthiness. How the consumer uses this tool is up to him or her. Ask our Jacksonville bankruptcy attorneys for more information on how Bankruptcy will effect your credit rating and strategies for using a bankruptcy to repair your credit.

2. You can be approved for a home loan following Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not a death sentence for home onwership. If you can prove a good and steady income, a history of on time payments and are prepared to make a respectectable down payment, many lenders will consider potential buyers who are post-bankruptcy.

3. Filing for Bankruptcy costs less than you think.

Filing for Bankruptcy usually costs far less than most people think. Our fees for bankrupcy filings start as low as $1,500 plus costs. Payment plans are also available. Contact us today for a free consultation with a Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney to find out if bankruptcy is the solution you have been looking for.

4. If creditors harass you following bankruptcy, you can force them to pay YOU!

Once your bankruptcy has been discharged, creditors are required by the Federal Debt Collections Procdure Act (FDCPA) to no longer harass you regarding the discharged debt. Even just a letter to you regarding the discharged debt can result in statutory fines of $1,000 and your attorney fees and costs.