Should You Wait on Bankruptcy or File Now?

  The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent havoc that the virus has wreaked on the economy have left many people facing difficult financial times. If you think that bankruptcy is a good option, you have likely also considered whether you should file for bankruptcy now or wait.  On one hand, filing for bankruptcy too early […]

Navigating Life After a Bankruptcy Discharge

If you recently received a discharge following either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are probably excited for a new beginning and a second opportunity to build a strong credit score. Making mistakes during this process, however, can lead to substantial complications. To make sure that you navigate this period successfully and rebuild […]

Six Things Everyone Should Understand About Bankruptcy

  When most people encounter financial difficulties, they view bankruptcy as an opportunity to build a new credit history. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and its ensuing chaos, an unprecedented number of people are finding themselves facing financial difficulties and considering filing for bankruptcy. The following reviews some critical things that you should […]

How to Respond to Collector Calls After Filing for Bankruptcy

  After you file for bankruptcy, your creditors should discontinue their efforts to collect on debts. This, however, is not always the case, and sometimes people continue to be harassed by creditors even after filing for bankruptcy.    If you are harassed by creditors after filing for bankruptcy, you should understand some important details about […]

Planning for Bankruptcy During the Coronavirus

  If you recently lost your job or are uncertain about how you will pay off a debt, it might be a good idea to consider filing for bankruptcy. The number of people facing this situation is likely to increase as the coronavirus pandemic forces people to stay home and close their businesses.    Even […]

Can You File for Bankruptcy if You Lost Your Job?

  With businesses closed during the coronavirus pandemic, many people in Florida have ended up unemployed. According to the United States Department of Labor, the total number of Americans who have filed for unemployment is approximately 22 million individuals, or 13.5% of the workforce.    With this number anticipated to increase even further, many people […]

How the Coronavirus Will Impact Your Bankruptcy

  The coronavirus has impacted most aspects of daily life including issues involving the federal, state, and local governments. Courts have understandably adjusted their regulations in consideration of the pandemic, but there are still some obligations that people filing for bankruptcy should still make sure to meet. This article reviews some critical issues that anyone […]

What to Avoid While Repairing Your Post-Bankruptcy Credit 

Many credit repair companies prey on people’s hopes to rebuild their credit. As a result, many people are left in the situation of wondering what they can and cannot do to rebuild their credit score. While there are various steps that you can take to rebuild their credit, this article reviews some critical steps that […]