Month: October 2019

 Common Reasons Why Realtors Lose Clients and How to Respond

  It is a universal truth that some real estate clients are more likely to retain an agent than others. This sometimes occurs because people have heard about how helpful a real estate agent can be or sometimes people have limited time to spend on a real estate transaction. Unfortunately, however, just because a realtor lands a client does not mean that the client will stay.  Every day, realtors lose clients for several different reasons. This article examines some of the most common reason[...]

Tips on Handling Student Loan Debt

  Statistics reveal that Americans owe approximately $1.6 trillion in student debt with 44.5 million of the individuals facing monthly student loan bills. While an average undergraduate borrower in 2017 owed $28,650, more than 2.5 million individuals have $100,000 or more in combined debt. These serious debts can cause some individuals to struggle with substantial debt.  Unfortunately, to make matters more complex, many individuals with student loan debt are unable to discharge the amount [...]

What Should Realtors do After Closing?

There are all sorts of stories about realtors who have gone above and beyond the basic duties of their positions. Some realtors even help to line up contractors and facilitate necessary repairs. While this might seem like a lot of additional work, treating clients well after closing can result in increased business as well as create lasting relationships. Approximately 64% of sellers who used realtors found the agent through a family member or friend. The following will review some of the additi[...]

Everything You Need to Know About ‘For Sale’ Signs

  The digital age has increased our ease of access various types of data including whether a house is for sale. Despite this, ‘for sale’ signs are still common and many realtors swear by them.  For one reason, placing a for sale sign outside the property can immediately inform passers-by that it is for sale. The question is not whether you should place a ‘for sale’ sign at a property, a better question is whether the sign will result in questions by prospective buyers about the pro[...]