Month: April 2019

A Quick Guide to Florida Agency Law

  In the world of real estate, “agency” refers to when a salesperson enters into a relationship with a client. The salesperson in these relationships owes a fiduciary duty of loyalty and confidentiality to the client. This type of relationship in Florida is referred to as a single agency. While this concept might be easy to understand, this article examines some commonly encountered nuances in agency law. What Florida Agency Law Encompasses Law in Florida clarifies how a real estate li[...]

Common Florida Real Estate Myths

  The real estate industry is full of high stakes. It is important to be knowledgeable and sensible in order to be successful when making such large investments. Real estate investors and professionals must avoid common pitfalls in order to stand above the crowd. The following are some of the common myths about Florida real estate. Do not fall into the trap of believing or perpetuating the following misconceptions: Myth: It is Easy to Predict the Real Estate Market While some investors mak[...]

Wage Garnishment and Bankruptcy

  By the time many people decide to file for bankruptcy, their creditors have begun to attempt to obtain repayment on outstanding debts. In some cases, these debts are so large that the debtors are not able to continue making payments, which results in creditors seeking legal action. One of the most common ways that creditors attempt to collect what they are due is by garnishing debtors’ wages. How Wage Garnishment Works Wage garnishment occurs when a creditor obtains an order from a jud[...]

Deciding if Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is Right for You

  Among the numerous questions that people ask about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one of the most common is whether a person is a good candidate for Chapter 7. The answer to this question depends on a number of complex factors, which we will review below. Do You Own Property? If you do not have a source of income or any assets, a creditor will often not be able to collect from you, which means that filing for bankruptcy may not be necessary. If you do have a source of income and valuable assets, h[...]