Month: October 2018

What is a Bankruptcy Auction?

  The primary lenders of the Toys ‘R’ Us company recently decided to cancel a bankruptcy auction of the company’s brand name as well as other associated intellectual property. Instead, the lenders intend to revive the Toys ‘R’ Us brand name as well as the Babies ‘R’ Us brand name as part of an effort to open new branding companies. The lenders also intend to develop the company’s international presence. In stating their decision to cancel the auction, the lenders stated that[...]

Recognizing Mortgage Fraud

Florida was recently ranked in a Core-Logic report as one of top three states in the country with a mortgage fraud risk. The other two states in the country with particularly high mortgage fraud rates include New Jersey and New York. Also according to the report, the risk of fraud in 2018 rose 10% as compared to 2017. In this current climate, Florida lenders must be particularly careful and proactive in preventing mortgage fraud. It helps to understand some of the important details about how mor[...]

Filing Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills

  The constantly increasing price of medical care in the United States has created a substantial challenge for many families. As a result, statistics suggest that a large number of individual decide to file bankruptcy due to medical bills. Many families discover that bankruptcy can be a particularly helpful thing in these situations. The bankruptcy process is complicated, however, which is why many individuals decide to obtain the assistance of an experienced Florida bankruptcy attorney. Ch[...]

When is it Okay to File for Bankruptcy?

One of the most common problems faced by people who are overwhelmed with debt is determining when it is okay to file for bankruptcy. Even if people are struggling with their bills, it can be difficult to decide that bankruptcy is the best option. The following will review several of the questions that you should ask yourself to determine whether you are ready to file for bankruptcy. If you do decide that bankruptcy is a good option for you, should not hesitate to obtain the assistance of an expe[...]

What Florida’s New Private Beach Ordinance Means for You

  Earlier in 2018, Governor Scott signed a bill into law that had a substantial impact on beachfront communities in Florida as well as businesses in the surrounding area. While the exact impact that this law will have on many pieces of Florida property is uncertain, some people have responded to the law as a significant limitation on the rights of property owners. The Basis of Florida Beach Access Ordinances Beach access ordinances in Florida are based on the legal principle of “customar[...]