Month: May 2018

Tips for Managing Last Minute Disputes Between Buyers and Sellers

The process of buying and selling real estate is stressful, especially if the buyer and seller are not getting along. During a high stress transaction, it is not unusual for one or both parties to grow frustrated over a perceived error in a contract, miscommunication regarding repairs, or a dozen other small issues. Often real estate agents find themselves acting as mediators in an effort to get both parties to closing so that the sale can be completed. These tips for managing last minute disput[...]

Why You Should Avoid Debt Settlement Companies

Each year over 790,000 individuals and businesses file for bankruptcy relief. While this number may seem high, it is actually lower than past years. People who file bankruptcy come from all financial backgrounds and many are reluctant to use bankruptcy to solve their financial problems because they fear the social stigma or impact to their credit. Often debt settlement companies are viewed as a more attractive alternative to traditional bankruptcy, causing thousands of people to contact these co[...]

Title Problems That May Delay Closing

Prior to scheduling a closing date, the title of the property must be checked to ensure that it is clear with no encumbrances. While most closings go smoothly, it is not uncommon for title problems to crop that delay the real estate transaction. Being aware of these potential issues helps prepare you for all eventualities. More importantly, knowing about title problems that may delay closing allows you to better serve your real estate clients during a high stress period in their life. Liens on P[...]

Top Four Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Mistakes

Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief offers filers a unique opportunity to receive protection from debt collection actions while allowing them to repay creditors an amount that the filer can afford. The second most commonly filed bankruptcy chapter, this financial reorganization gives an individual up to five years to pay creditors. A good option for those who own property that they do not wish to surrender, chapter 13 can lead to additional problems if the debtor makes a mistake when filing for relief.[...]