Month: January 2018

How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Tax Refund?

The 2018 tax filing season officially begins on January 29, 2018 and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects to receive approximately 155 million tax returns this year. Most individuals who are eligible to receive refunds via direct deposit can expect a turnaround time of 21 days with the first direct deposit date of the 2018 tax season expected to be February 12, 2018. For those who have recently filed bankruptcy or who are planning to file bankruptcy in the immediate future, your bankruptcy[...]

Ways to Minimize Pre-Closing Buyer’s Remorse

In spite of all the hard work and stress involved, being a realtor is a highly rewarding career. Helping people find and purchase their dream homes is a good feeling, especially if you are new to the real estate industry. However, there are ups and downs to the real estate industry, with buyer’s remorse being one of the most difficult problems that a real estate agent can encounter. With over half of the home buyers in the United States admitting to having feelings of regret over the house the[...]

Things Every Couple Considering Bankruptcy Should Know

In marriage the vow “for better, for worse” acknowledges that a couple may experience substantial hardships that will test their commitment to each other. One hardship that is unfortunately common is financial difficulty that can seriously impact a family’s entire standard of living. When debts and monetary setbacks become more than a couple can reasonably manage, bankruptcy is often considered. Bankruptcy can allow a couple a chance to start over without substantial debt or give them a ch[...]

Jacksonville Real Estate Attorney

Do you know what can really ruin the ecstatic feeling of closing a deal? Getting sued. You may know a realtor who has been down that road before. You may have even been threatened by a lawsuit yourself. The most common reason that realtors get sued is “misrepresentation.” Just ask this broker who was sued for it in Minnesota last year. The courts ruled in the broker’s favor in this case because he relied on the county government’s description of the property in his listing. This blog wil[...]