Month: December 2017

Jacksonville Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Lawyer

The American family farmer is at the center of this country’s history and self-image. The independent farmer was the core element of Thomas Jefferson’s vision of democracy. He believed that independence of judgement was a by-product of the self-reliance that farmers exemplified. That vision is still an important part of America’s identity. Just ask any of the artists who performed at Farm Aid 2017. The legal system should be especially responsive to the needs and concerns of America’s fa[...]

Jacksonville Real Estate Lawyer

  As a realtor, is there anything more exciting than seeing your clients lay eyes on the exact property they have been looking for? Maybe it is a newlywed couple who have found their dream home with granite counters, four bedrooms, and great neighborhood schools nearby. Or, maybe it is a pizza-shop owner relocating from some hole-in-the-wall to a corner shop on Elm Street. Whatever the case may be, after the initial thrill of bringing buyers and sellers together comes the technical work of [...]

Florida Student Loan Forgiveness Lawyer

Stop me if you have heard this one before: “Student loans are the only kind of debt that you must always continue to pay, even if you declare bankruptcy.” Odds are, you have heard it before. Heck, it has been at the center of some high profile presidential races recently. As with any exceptionally strong statements that rely on words like “only” or “always,” the cautious observer will remain healthily skeptical until all the facts are in. While it may be true that discharging student[...]

Florida Broker Commission Disputes

Closing a sale. Is there any greater feeling in the world? You have spent your time and energy prepping the house, creating buzz, getting prospective buyers in, negotiating a price, getting the paperwork done. You have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into making the sale. Now, once that is all said and done, is there any feeling worse than not collecting your full commission? Keep reading this blog to learn the rules of the road are in Florida and what steps you should follow in order to col[...]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida

Deciding to declare bankruptcy is never easy. There is a strong connotation associated with the word itself. Still, it may provide some solace to remember that even once-wealthy celebrities have filed for bankruptcy over the years. Just ask Mike Tyson. If used properly, declaring bankruptcy can offer a clean slate. This blog will provide an overview of when you should consider declaring bankruptcy and which steps to follow if you decide to do so. What to Consider The Chapter 7 bankruptcy statute[...]